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Your ecological footprint is on your meals

La alimentación saludable reduce la huella ecológica
We are what we eat. Nutrition has a direct impact on our health and appearance. But did you know it also influences our ecological footprint? FAO denounces that we throuw 1,3 billion tons of food every year. And wasting is not the only problem...

Food has a production, packaging and distribution cost not only in economical terms, but also as a trace on the environment. The more processed our food is, the bigger our ecological footprint You can check it thanks to the g!ecological mode. For instance, the cost of a juice box is way bigger than the one for a juice pressed at home. This doesn’t mean we have to stop buying these prodcuts, but we should reduce their use as much as we can.

The best way to do it is buying local and seasonal food, which is fresh, healthy, free from preservatives. If you buy  unpacked fruits or vegetables  it will be easier for you to get the right amount and avoid wasting anything. Moreover, you won’t need so many packages and it is good news for nature.

Another option is  having your own vegetable garden at home.. It is lots of fun and you can get amazing results. Are you in?

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