Meet us.

Ángel Sánchez.

Co-Founder & General Manager

A few years ago, we decided to invest on wearable technology and IoT applied to health and wellness, in order to satisfy an increasing demand. Thanks to our products and custom-made solutions, we are helping companies that are leading in their sector to step forward in terms of digital transformation. For them, this means they can offer their customers new and innovative connected and smart products.

Rodrigo Silva-Ramos

Co-Founder & Chairman

There’s a lot of companies focused on software development in Spain, but very few that also produce hardware. Geeksme is a technological company that designs, develops and produces wearables and IoT technology and, thanks to that and our success stories, we forsee the company to become a point of international reference in the technology scene.


Miguel Calvo

Backend & Database

David Trujillo

Android Developer

Miguel Cano

Product Designer & Illustrator

Isabel Santana

User Care & Content Manager

Esmeralda Martínez