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Stop insomnia

Remedios para el insomnio
We've all have problems to fall asleep some times because of stressing situations that cause mental hyperactivity. However, if we usually have trouble to fall asleep, we should check with the doctor.

Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder, and especially affects women, elder people and those who suffer anxiety or depression. The problem sometimes appears when we’re going to bed, as we can spend over 30 minutes without falling asleep. However, it’s also possible that we wake up several times throughout the night, keeping ourselves from resting properly.

In order to learn why are we that tired in the morning, we only need to check our g!sleep information. Thanks to Geeksme’s Life Lovers Watch app we can see how long did it take us to fall asleep, along with the number of times we wake up every night.

Can we avoid insomnia?

Sometimes, this disorder is strongly related to our lifestyle: lack of a proper schedule, too much caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, too much time in bed, a very busy job… If that’s the case, we can help ourselves, and it’s definitely the first step.

However, sometimes insomnia is a consequence of other issues we can’t solve ourselves. We are talking psychiatric disorders, hormonal issues, neurological troubles or digestive problems. Menopause and pregnancy can also temporarily cause insomia.

In any case, if we still suffer of insomnia after tuning our lifestyle, the best thing to do is to check with a specialist so we can find out the problem and the way to fix it before it affects our personal and work life.

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