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Obesity: the 21st Century epidemic

Obesidad y comida rápida
The World Health Organization warns that 39% of adults were overweight in 2014, and 13% were obese. These rates have been growing exponentially since 1980 and keep growing. One of the main reasons is sedentarism.

The WHO already defines it as the “21st Century epidemic.” There are over 600 million obese people over 18, and the amount of obese children  is constantly growing. In 2013, more than 42 million children under 5 were overweight.

Why does it happen, tho? Obesity happens as a consequence of an excess of the calories we consume compared to the ones we burn. Nowadays, especially if we’re talking about developed countries, we tend to be on hypercaloric diets and have a sedentary lifestyle. We go from the car to the office, from the office to the car and from the car to our house via the elevator.

In order to avoid this extra weight, exercise will help the most. Going to the gym or playing our favorite sport are great ideas. However, being healthy is way easier than that. We only need to change our routines, leave the car at home and walk for 60 minutes every day.

It’s also key to pay attention to our meals. We recommend you to avoid foods with high levels of fat, salt and sugar, but low levels of vitamins and minerals. That is, to cut ready-made meals and packed pastries. Having a more natural diet will help us to reduce the footprint we leave on the environment. Once again, what’s good for nature is good for us.

Are you ready to get better at g!fitness and g!ecological?

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