The Life Lovers Watch is here to make you know yourself better. A light, aesthetic and functional activity watch that is great value for money. 

It has four modes that will be with you in all the best moments, both day and night. Sleep mode, fitness mode, love mode and ecological footprint mode.

Yes, that’s right, love mode! Have fun with your partner and discover what’s your spirit animal!

Moreover, you can learn the way you impact the environment thanks to the ecological footprint mode, and you will get advice on how to follow a more sustainable lifestyle.


An attitude,

a lifestyle.

A stylish digital watch that doesn’t compromise fashionability, from the office, to the gym or the craziest parties. Get yours now and make the most out of every moment, just like our LIFE LOVERS.


g!fitness and

never stop.

Control your daily physical activity. Thanks to the Geeksme APP you will learn about your daily step count, walked distance, burned calories and fat, and exercise time. Every little counts when it comes to following a healthier lifestyle, from leaving the car at home to running from the elevator. Set up new goals, push yourself further and make it big!


       and enjoy.


Measuring your sexual performance will help you to get to know yourself better. Thanks to the g!love mode you will learn how many times do you have sex, the time you spend doing it, the calories you burn and the intensity, all in a private and confidential way. You can also get fun animal badges based on your performance. Are you a lion or a turtle?


        and sleep well.

Do you sleep well? Your watch detects when you fall asleep and your sleep quality. Learn about how long it takes you to fall asleep, the time you spend in bed and how many times you wake up during the night. Thanks to its advice, you will wake up as fresh as a daisy.


and protect the Earth.

The way you move, what you consume and the waste you produce, all have an impact in the environment. Find out what’s your ecological footprint and how to reduce it. Being aware is the first step towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, and that is something that helps everyone.