Subtile and elegant design.

A stylish watch.

An attitude, a lifestyle.

A stylish digital watch that doesn’t compromise fashionability.
Geeksme is a slim, comfortable, modern watch. Thanks to its interchangeable wristbands you can always dress up for the occasion. That way you can use it in the office, during your work-out or a night out.

One watch, many options

More than just a watch.

You decide how to use your Geeksme. Activate all its functions or just check the time, it’s up to you.

At a glance.

The screen will show the steps you walk, the calories and fat you burn, the distance you go across, your ecological footprint and, obviously, the time and date.

Interchangeable wristbands.

Black, green, beige and violet. There’s a color for every style and every moment. Get your 3-band pack and combine it.

30-day memory.

Check your progress. Geeksme stores your data every day for up to 30 days.

Up to 6 days battery life.

Charge your device in about one and a half hour and the battery will last for 5 to 6 days, depending on your use. Just test it and see.

Check your progress in a second.

12 LEDs in your Geeksme watch will show your progress at all times. Don’t lose sight of your challenges and you’ll get better every day.

Four ways to connect to life.


Walk, run, get out there and outdo yourself. Reach all your goals!


Be always active. Find out about your sexual performance and go further.


Improve your habits. Sleep like a baby to dream better.


Take care of the environment and reduce your ecological footprint on it.


Geeksme, Life Lovers Watch.


This is the watch for those who really love life. Get yours now and make the most out of very second.


€74,90 (VAT included)


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Technical specifications.

Model: Geeksme GME1
Equipped with Bluetooth® Smart technology (BLE 4.0)
Tracker dimensions: 32 x 32 x 9,5 mm. Weight: 12.1 g.
OLED monochrome display (64 x 48)
12 LED lights that indicate the daily progress of defined goals
Tempered-glass-made tactile screen with touch zone indicator
Aluminum tracker (gunmetal color)
Splash resistant but not waterproof
30-day memory
55mA lithium rechargeable battery
3-axis accelerometer and vibrator
4-pin connector for charging
4 working modes: g!fitness, g!sleep, g!love, g!ecological
Alarms and reminders configuration
Call and text notifications
Ergonomic and durable and washable high-quality elastomer-material-made interchangeable wristband
Wristband dimensions: 254 x 18 mm. Weight: 14.3 g. It fits a wrist diameter from 140 to 205 mm.
Application compatible with Android 4.3 and above and iOS7 and above. Download it from Google Play and App Store. Available in Spanish, English and French
Box includes tracker, black wristband, 4-pin charger, USB cable, user quick guide and warranty card
Certifications: CE, FCC, Bluetooth SIG, RoHS, PAHS Reach and Crop65
2-year international limited warranty within EU

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