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g! features four modes to connect to life

g!fitness and don’t stop.

Monitor your daily physical activity. Thanks to our app you will learn the steps and distance you walk, the calories and fat your burn or the time you work out. Everything matters when you are trying to have a healthier life, from leaving the car at home to fleeing from the elevator. Get new challenges, stretch your goal and reach it.

g!love and enjoy anytime.

Monitoring your sexual performance will help you to get to know you better. Thanks to Geeksme’s g!love mode you can privately and confidentially check how many times did you have sex, for how long, how many calories did you burn and the intensity. Now you will also get animal badges comparing your activity to animals’ sexual behaviour that can be shared with your friends!

g!sleep and rest well.

Do you rest well? g! automatically detects when you fall asleep and calculates your sleep quality. Find out how long does it take you to fall asleep, for how long and the number of times you wake up. Follow our g!sleep tips and you’ll be as fresh as a daisy.

g!ecological and preserve the Earth.

The way you move, the things you get or the amount of waste you produce, everything impacts the environment. g! helps you to learn not only the size of your ecological footprint but the ways to minimize it. Awareness is the first step to a more sustainable lifestyle and Geeksme is here to track yours. And that benefits all of us.

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