We are revolutionising IoT technology.
Scroll down and learn how.
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Everything has a starting point
Universall® is an IoT ecosystem formed by devices, software and use cases. Its modular architecture helps create new solutions in little time and for a reasonable cost. As easy as a π!
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A really, really human solution.
Because we think as humans and for humans, and because we can't think of a technological solution without aesthetic value.
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Sensor module in detail

The Quarks.

Button battery variant

Bluetooth 5 · 9D Sensor · Hall Effect Sensor · Multicolour LED · Push Button · 1000 mAh interchangeable button battery · 24-36 months battery life · 30 x 30 x 10 mm · 10 g

Rechargeable battery variant

Available Soon · Bluetooth 5 · 9D Sensor · Hall Effect Sensor · Multicolour LED · Push Button · Vibrator · 80 MAh Rechargeable Battery · 28 x 28 x 9 mm · 9 g

Communication base in detail


Independent communication base

WiFi and/or NB-IoT · Bluetooth 5 · Non-rechargeable battery (up to 5 years battery life) · USB-C · Push Button · Multicolour LED · Hall Effect Sensor · 110 x 75 x 34 mm


9D Sensor · Temperature sensor · Humidity sensor · Barometric pressure sensor · Light Sensor · Air quality sensor (CO2 level and organic suspended particles)

Innovating in communication.
Efficient and completely autonomous communication among the devices thanks to a Bluetooth mesh network and different Cloud technologies such as Wi-Fi, NB-IoT or LTE-M.
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We have developed a software architecture that helps create new use cases quick and easily.

On top of our mobile apps for iOS and Android, the software counts with a Front-end and a Back-end that allow a safe access to all the information and business intelligence for each solution from a dedicated website. The internal firmware controls the way in which the devices behave, the management platform allows the manager to set up, manage and monitor the deployed devices, and the API and SDK allows developers to create their own solutions using the Universall® devices.
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The power of Big Data
Gran parte del potencial de Universall® reside en el análisis del Big Data, que combina los datos para generar estadísticas y reportes agregados y anónimos que permiten tener una visión global e incrementar la inteligencia de negocio.

Y todo, respetando uno de nuestros principales valores, la privacidad y la seguridad de los usuarios. Much of the potential that Universall® has resides in its Big Data analysis capability, which combines all the information to produce statistics and anonymous aggregate reports to have a global picture and improve your business intelligence.

And we do this with one of our main values in mind: we preserve our users’ privacy and security.
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We have good ideas.
But you sure do too! That's why we're going to publish a developer API and SDK very soon.
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Discover 5 of our use cases:

Universall Care.
Dad, I know you’re OK.
Universall Care™ is here to take care of our loved ones, and to make it easy too!

Because we share your need for knowing that they are safe.
Available soon.
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Universall Space.
More, smarter spaces.
With Universall Space™ you will be able to make your meeting rooms more productive. You will know whether they are busy or not in real time, the average use or the number of people who meet and many other things.

Available soon.
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Universall Retail.
We’re always there.
Universall Retail™ offers several solutions to meet the needs of small and large businesses.... panic button, opening and closing of doors, counting of people accessing during the day, etc.

Available soon.
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Universall Stars.
Your rest, to the next level.
With Universall Stars™ you will be able to know about your rest and how to sleep better, among many other things. You won't have to worry about anything but sleep. Your data will be synchronized once a day in an autonomous way so you can check your sleep activity, as if by magic.

Available soon,
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Universall Safe.
Safety first.
With Universall Safe™, you will be able to know whether your doors or windows are being opened or closed, all in real time. Imagine the peace of mind you can get knowing when our kids get home, if our storage has been opened or even if we forgot to close the main door.

Available soon.
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Designing, developing and manufacturing a IoT solution from scratch is fascinating.

But it is a process that requires a remarkable effort, implies a high cost and requires a long period of execution. We've always tried our best to democratize technology in order to help people have a better life. It's because of that that we create Universall®: we don't want money, time or effort to be an issue for all those good ideas out there. We have been talking about our idea, introducing and double-checking it with many, many companies in all sectors for a while now. We've made mistakes, we have learned from them, iterated our models many times and, in the end, we have managed to shape Universall®.

Our roadmap.

Q1 2019

  • Pilots and proof-of-concept.
  • Device production.

Q2 2019

  • Marketing of Universall Care™.

  • Launch of Universall Space™.

  • Developer API.

Q3 2019

  • Launch of Universall Retail™.

  • Launch of Universall Safe™.

Q4 2019

  • Launch of Universall Stars™.

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