Keeping our loved ones free

6 May, 2019
Children IoT

Black Mirror is a show that keeps giving, showing us how scary society can turn, depending on how we keep developing our technology. Not only it resonates with us, but we find ourselves more and more often saying “Wow this new thing is really like that Black Mirror episode!” In the case of “Arkangel,” we are shown a technology that, integrated in children, allows their parents to monitor their localization. Does it sound familiar? Maybe you have heard about devices such as Lineable or AngelSense, that cover different needs and price ranges to keep an eye – and even an ear – on the little ones.

We can be the Big Brother too

As in the show, we seem to be heading to a near future in which we invade our dearest ones’ privacy, both inside and outside our homes. In the age of concepts such as “helicopter parents” – parents who pay extremely close attention to their children -, we find ourselves paying too much attention to our offspring’s whereabouts and, at the same time, putting to much pressure on them to lead our concept of a perfect life. As technology such as IoT becomes available, having an insider view of their lives is a tempting possibility only a few taps away from our smartphone screen.

Are we really entitled to intrude in our offspring’s lives in such a way that we know exactly what they watch, eat or, when it comes the time, the way in which they start exploring their sexuality? We definitely weren’t under such scope, and one could argue we turned out quite alright. Not only that, but most adults now cherish memories of childhood shenanigans away from cameras and phones, all too much fun and rarely more dangerous than a few scraped knees. The mere fact of our parents peeking from the window felt like a terrible violation of our lives and freedom.

Not only the young ones

It feels even more wrong when it comes to our elders, those who have been taken care. We of course want to take care of them, but once again, it shouldn’t come to intruding devices telling us all they do and treating them in a baby-fashion. People that have lived for decades are worthy of more than our little eye spying on them.

Thankfully, there are non-intrusive methods that will give us peace of mind, knowing that the ones we love are doing well without needing to break their trust and violate their privacy. Systems like Universall® allow a passive monitoring of everyday activities using Internet of Things and will trigger alarms if something seems off. That way, we can know that they are safe without learning more than what we need.


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