Geeksme to Present Their New IoT Ecosystem at IoT Solutions World Congress 2018

25 September, 2018

The IoT Solutions World Congress, held in Barcelona on October 16-18, is a great opportunity to both discover and showcase the latest trends and creations regarding the Internet of Things. There was no better stage for Geeksme to present their new IoT ecosystem: Universall.

The whole Geeksme team has been working on a system to disrupt the IoT scene, being able to turn ordinary stuff into smart items to make people’s lives better and easier. A turning point in the connected era, Universall will allow both companies and final users to transform their objects into connected devices with a simple module.

There is a myriad of possible scenarios and Geeksme will be presenting some of their ideas during the IoT SWC. We will be happy to have you with us, so you can try them and maybe even come up with your own. We want to create a better-connected world, and we believe the only way to achieve that is connecting with YOU first. What are your needs? What do you want to connect with? Come meet us at Booth 541 to play with us and discover what IoT and Geeksme can do for you.

During their upcoming 4th edition, the event will revolve around the topics of Manufacturing, Connected Transport, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Buildings and Infrastructure, Open Industry, Enabling IoT, and Blockchain, as well as the different challenges that every one of them needs to overcome in order to be successfully introduced in our everyday lives. Along with Geeksme, you will find over 300 exhibitors across 32.000m2 ready to show you their freshest ideas for a connected world.

Hope to see you in beautiful Barcelona!

*Would you like to come to the IoT Solutions World Congress? Contact us at info@geeksme.com! We have a limited amount of invitations for you to join us.

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