Sex is the best medicine

31 January, 2017

Apart from the obvious pleasure of sex, doing it can have great effects in our health. If you needed extra reasons to have a great time under the blanket with your significant other, here you have a few more reasons to go for it and enjoy one of the best exercises without paying a gym fee!

Having sex improves your health

You’ve surely noticed that you feel more relaxed after sex, happier, and even in a better mood. This sensation, far from being subjective, is scientifically proven: sex reduces stress and minimizes anxiety, as it decreses the production of cortisol, the hormone that’s responsible for getting on the nerves. If you want to lead a calmer life and get away from stress, a good way to do it is to have sex in a regular way. Several studies have found that making love frequently generates an anti-stress effect in the long run.

The relaxing effect of bedroom pleasures goes beyond that: the intensity of the orgasm is transformed into a feeling of fullness and relaxation that helps to better fall sleep and to rest better. If your partner falls asleep after sex, do not be angry: it is an inevitable physiological reaction, especially in some men. If it’s hard for you to sleep, think of a therapeutic sex session as your last activity before trying to fall asleep, as during the orgasm we release endorphins, neurotransmitters with sedative and analgesic qualities that can help you sleep better.

Another great effect of sex is weight loss. There are hundreds of different positions, ranging from the traditional missionary to complicated pirouettes worthy of specialists. However, it doesn’t matter which one you choose since all positions burn calories. As long as you do not stay completely still while you’re enjoying yourslef, you can burn about 50 calories in ten minutes of activity, an amount that goes up exponentially if lasts longer: 20 minutes of sex burns 200 calories, on average, depending on the intensity of the exercise.

Brain also gets to work and the fantasies, the games, the warmup and the romance are great mental exercises that work on our imagination and help creativity. Such a win-win situation.

Moreover, if you get ill very often, here comes a side effect of sexual activity that will be great for you: having sex at least twice a week strengthens the immune system, thus avoiding diseases. Scientists have found that those who do so have higher immunoglobulin A levels than those who do not have sex on a regular basis.

Whipping sex stereotypes

Although having a headache is one of the most typical excuses to avoid having sex, science says the opposite: making love is highly recommended to relieve headaches and migraines. Sexual activity puts a lot of nitric oxide in motion, improving peripheral circulation, so it’s especially good for those headaches that have a vascular origin. Not only that, but our nervous system releases endorphins and oxytocines during intercourse, natural analgesic substances that the brain generates and are infallible against intense pain.

Also, did you know that oxytocin is also responsible for making you feel better and happier? This hormone, which is released during the orgasm, increases self-confidence and feeds the feeling of falling in love. Those unbridled words, that immense happiness that seizes us after the orgasm… it all happens for a reason: oxytocin makes make ups have a better result if they actually include make-up sex.

Sex as life insurance

Generally speaking, sex facilitates blood circulation and prevents hypertension. Being some kind of physical exercise, it sets our body in motion and performs as many healthy functions as a gym session. Without overdoing it, making love every day is life insurance against heart attacks and strokes.

On the other hand, and focusing on the health of the genital area, an active sex life oxygenates and maintains circulation in the muscular structure of the penis, which protects against prostate cancer from the age of 50. Some research states that in populations that do not have sex, as monks, the incidence of this type of cancer is higher.

When it comes to women, sexual relations avoid urinary incontince, as it improves the pelvic floor’s muscle tone, where the muscles dealing with the urine flux are.

For older people, there are even more benefits to an active sexual life: it counters menopause’s negative effects, such as the decrese of estrogen levels. Reserchers state that those women that still have sex at least once a week have double the amount of this hormone, which also protects our bones.

As you just read, you don’t have any excuse anymore! Turn the g!love mode on and enjoy!

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