Get a better holiday sleep

23 January, 2017

Leaving home for a few days and writing yourself out of that corner is usually a source of joy. However, sleeping somewhere other than our bed can be a torture for those who have a hard time sleeping out. Today we tell you why we can’t sleep in alien places sometimes and give you a few tips to prevent it.

Can’t you sleep outside home?

In your bed you sleep like a log but you go on holiday and stay wide awake. Why? The answer might be very surprising: from ancient times, the human beings had the need to protect themselves from danger during the night. When the prehistoric humans lived in the open, they organized guard shifts so that the predators or attackers did not catch the whole group unprepared. Some of that protective, vigilant instinct remains activated in our brain, and that is why it’s hard for us to fall asleep when we go on holiday. You probably have noticed that you are more alert and it’s harder for you to sleep the first day someone else’s bed, and then that sensation relaxes when you get used to the new space and you feel safe. The problem comes you sleep in a different place everyday and your brain doesn’t have enough time to feel safe. Then you can see yourself condemned to an itinerant insomnia that can sour your holidays.

Advise for a better holiday sleep

Travel with your pillowViaja con tu almohada

Sometimes, something as basic and physical as a mattress or a pillow can ruin the whole night, preventing you from having a good rest. Carrying your mattress in your suitcase is literally impossible, but if you have enough space, never rule out carrying your pillow with you, as it can help you sleep better. Our advice mattress-wise is to ensure that your chosen accommodation has quality materials to avoid unpleasant surprises. Hotels nowadays are increasingly concerned about their guests’ sleep quality and even offer pillow menus so that sleep is in itself a pleasurable experience.

Feel like home

A lot of people have a hard time sleeping in hotels cause they have a feeling of alienation away from their usual environment, especially if they travel alone. The feeling of strangeness or loneliness can be minimized by taking some personal items with you so your hotel room feels like home. If you are used to sleeping with a teddy bear or have a family photo on your bedside table, it’d be a good idea to carry them in your baggage. It’s not a big effort but the result will be surprising.

I need my routine!!

On holiday, everything is different: a different place, different schedules, special dinners … this range of news breaks our brain and affects all levels of our life. Sometimes it translates into a sense of tranquility or euphoria, but for some, all these changes take their toll their sleep. If you’ve noticed that you can not fall asleep when you go to bed after a full day of unbridled pleasure, your brain may need some routine to rest at night. Try to emulate the habits of your daily life and you will see how you rest better: go to sleep at your usual time, shower when you do it at home, take that book that you like to read in the bedroom … These small routines will be very positive and will help you to sleep like a baby.

Avoid massive naps

We all know it’s hard to say no to a good three-hour siesta, but the side effects can be awful if you have a hard time falling asleep in the evening. If you can’t help it, have some nice and short rest, because a longer nap can make you have a not-so-fun night counting sheep. If you can’t control your snooze time, make sure a friend or family member wakes you up after a while or set up an alarm.

Earplugs and sleepmasks

You never know if your hotel is located in a noisy street or if the person next room will give a snoring gig during the night… or show an outstanding performance. When we travel, we usually don’t know if the walls will be well soundproofed. For all this, packing some earplugs essential for all your trips.

Another must in your suitcase should be the mask, which will significantly reduce the amount of light that passes to the eyes and affects us while we sleep.

And remember,  making sure we get a good rest is as important as enjoying the day during the holidays in order to charge our batteries for our way back to the routine.


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