10 reasons to sleep without clothes

23 January, 2017

Sleeping without pajamas, and even without underwear, has multiple advantages for your physical, mental and emotional health. In addition, it favours a more active sexual life, helps you lose weight, favors your sleep and feels amazing!! Do you dare to try it? Here you have a few reasons that can help you make the decision.

Sleeping naked helps you lose weight

Putting your pajamas away at night forces your body to generate the necessary heat to achieve a proper temperature inside the bed, even in winter. Sleeping without clothes does not mean being cold at night, but it generates heat in a healthy and natural way. This makes our metabolism consume calories and therefore lose weight. Moreover, sleeping at a lower temperature favours the burning of the so-called “brown fat”, which is the one in charge of heating the body when it’s cold.

Nudity favours resting

When we let our body cool down before getting into bed, we also allow our mind to chill and get ready to rest. Therefore, it’s easier to reach the deep sleep phase and rest properly. By not wearing a shirt or trousers, the possible discomfort caused by tangled clothes is eliminated, allowing our body to rest more than if we were wearing clothes.

Improves your sex life

Is there anything more exciting than waking up feeling the touch of your partner’s skin? As the barriers of pajamas and nightgowns are gone, the contact with your partner is easier and casual. A caress without clothes can be the perfect start for a sexual intercourse. Occasionally, these strokes may not end in a sexual relationship, but they will certainly have a positive effect on your love life. Sleeping naked generates confidence with your significant other and increases intimacy between you.

Prevents illnesses

Although it might look like science fiction, it’s been proven that sleeping without pajamas regulates cortisol levels, helping to prevent problems of hypertension and cholesterolemia. Decreasing night time body temperature favours increased blood sugar stability, which may help prevent diabetes, a study by the U.S. Nationaly Sleep Foundation states. According to this study, sleeping without clothes helps you burn calories and improves sleep quality, so it prevents this disease and helps those who suffer it.

Raises self-esteem

Looking at our nakedness improves self-esteem. Sleeping naked is a perfect opportunity to become familiar with yourself in an intimate and peaceful environment. Getting rid of pajamas and spending time being aware of our own body has a very positive psychological effect on people and be great to those who are not happy with some parts of their body.

Improves self perception

When we get in bed “in the raw”, we have the opportunity to know ourselves better and explore our body without hindrance. When watching ourselves au naturel, we will discover our most attractive poses and will be able to verify which are the zones of our body that better respond to stimuli. If you sleep with your significant other, it will improve your sex life, and if you do it alone, it also gives you the opportunity to explore your body and enjoy it comfortably.

You will feel more beautiful

Taking off your clothes and sleeping in a cooler environment is great for your skin, no matter if you’re a man or a woman. The hormones responsible for preventing wrinkles work better at lower temperature, so if you sleep naked you will notice that your skin looks smooth and young. Sleeping stark naked favours the skin regeneration and makes you feel (and look) younger.

Avoid skin problems

A good way to avoid skin irritation in bed is to give up pajamas and underwear overnight. The contact with the fabrics may cause discomfort and itching, which are clearly associated with our night clothing. Unless we’re talking 100% cotton garments, the most recommended for both sheets and bedding, other fabrics commonly used for these purposes hinder perspiration and favor the appearance of fungi and bacteria.

Sleeping without underwear prevents infecns

Not wearing underwear prevents the onset of vaginal infections and fungi. Although it may seem that pajamas and panties protect from the outside, they are actually an excellent breeding ground for all types of microorganisms.

Increases men’s fertility

The cells in charge of making the sperm, work better at cooler temperatures, so sleeping naked favours fertility. In addition, tight clothing can tighten the testicular area, leading to problems in the production of sperm. When sleeping naked, the testicles and the scrotum relax and allow better blood circulation.

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