Why do I sleep so bad?

22 December, 2016

If you’re one of those people that unfortunatelly sleep bad, we’re sure you’ve wondered why. You surelly think “Why is it so hard to fall asleep?” Today, we’re telling you some of the reasons that can cause an inadequate sleep or a hard time falling asleep.

Choosing the right position

Choosing an inadequate position in bed can lead to an unbearable pain in our back and neck that can lead to serious problems in the long run. If it’s difficult for you to sleep, you might be in a position that’s making you hurt. Avoid sleeping facing down and find your right position, one that doesn’t difficult your breathing and doesn’t hurt.

Sleeping with a full tummy

If you enjoy a heavy dinner, it’s won’t help your resting at all. Try to wait at least a couple of hours after dinner before going to bed, decrease the amount of fat in your intake and, if possible, go for a walk after dinner. If you follow this advice, you’ll notice you’re sleeping better.

Drinking at night

Although the alcohol’s soothing effect can make you feel sleepy, there are little things worse than being tipsy when going to bed. In the short run, it can lead to middle-of-the-night wakefulness, and in the long run, a significant reduction of your sleep quality. If you go for a drink, we recommend that you drop the alcohol intake when bed time is getting closer so you can get to bed in the best possible condition and sleep tight.

Drinking coffee after noon

If you suffer of insomnia, you might be ingesting too much caffeine throughout the day. The best thing to do is not having any coffee after noon, so it doesn’t clash with our sleep. If you’re used to having a big caffeine intake during the afternoon, try to progressively reduce the stimulating beverages you drink so you don’t suffer a crash and stop trying after your first decaf coffee. After a while, you’ll see that reducing your coffee intake will make your life better, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for bed time.

Sleeping next to our smartphone

Some people can’t get to sleep thinking about their social media. “Will I get a like on Facebook?” “Is someone sharing something cool on Snapchat?” Those questions keep our brain working on the the uncertainty and make falling asleep harder. Moreover, the light coming from the phone disrupts our sleep cycle even if we’re asleep already. The best thing to do is to leave the phone in a different room, but if you can’t stand being away from your device, make sure you keep the screen facing down and turn the sleeping mode on.

Reading on electronic devices

Leer por la noche en el móvil o en la tablet influye negativamente en cómo dormimos, as the short wave light in our eyes alters our circadian rhythm, reducing the melatonine production and shortening the deep sleep, or REM, phase. If you have the choice, go for a printed book instead of an electronic device, as the later can be bad for our rest. However, some e-readers and e-books counter this problem with backlit screens.

Having a bad mattress

If your mattress is too hard, or too soft, or it gives you back pains, it’s about time to get a new one. Go to a specialist retailer and pick the one that better adapts to your body. A good mattress is an investment that your health and well-being will always profit from.

Being too cold… or too hot

When it comes to bed temperature, radical ones are certainly not good. If it’s too hot in the bedroom, we will sweat, feel uneasy and won’t be able to sleep because we will feel like in an oven. However, if it’s too cold, we take the risk of waking up freezing and end up equally awake. Set the thermostate in your bedroom so it’s not too cold or to hot.

Sleeping with the blind up

When the light exposure is low, the human body produces melatonine, a hormone that relaxes it and produces sleepiness. If you don’t roll down the blind, we will have light coming from the street, the lampposts, etc. and also disturbing noises. Rolling down the blind is necessary if you suffer of insomnia, as it reduces the noises and the light during the

Now that you know everything you shouldn’t do, go into g!sleep mode and enjoy your rest!

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