9 Benefits of Sleeping in Good Company

20 December, 2016

Apart from the obvious snoring, sheet thieves and shaky bed companions that move around all night without letting us get any rest, there some actually possitive effects of sleeping with your significant other!

1. It makes us feel more loved

Waking up and seeing you are not alone has a really possitive impact on the way we feel. It improves our self esteem and strengthens our bond with our significant other. Something as easy as sleeping together is the perfect way to make our love grow and flourish during the night with no effort at all.

2. It improves your intimacy

Sleeping with your partner leads to touching, stroking, flirting… These situations favour itimacy and help to strengthen the bond with our significant other. Moreover, the proximity with our loving during sleep time makes sexual relationships more likely and frequent, as we’re together when the body is prone to do it: befor going to bed, early in the morning, during the night…

3. Sleeping with someone makes you more tolerant

Sleeping with someone requires a huge effort. Each of us have their own customs and it’s difficult to put up with our partner’s sleeping habits, the snoring, the light they want in the bedroom… That’s why sleeping with someone else is something tat requires tolerance. Moreover, spending the night with our special person makes us a better one.

4. It saves energy

The contact between two bodies sharing a bed rises the temperature under the blanket. Therefore, this means an energetic saving, as cuddling with your lovey dovey will make you save a lot on the heating bill.

5. You sleep better

Once you’ve been through the adaptation process, everything goes smoothly. It’s been proven that, after the first few months, the couples that sleep together fall asleep sooner and sleep better. The sense of security and the nice feeling of your significant other’s skin turns into a tight sleep warantee.

6. It makes you feel safe

Listening to your partner’s breathing, their heartbeat, etc. brings humans to the mother’s womb and generates a sense of security that can only be compared to a baby’s early weeks. This togetherness feeling is highly gratificating.

7. It prevents the stress

Beyond the undeniable pleasure of having a dreaming partner, the psychological bonding created through the physical proximity to our loved one is scientifically proven.  A research conducted by Wall Street Journal’s Andrea Petersen states that sleeping with someone reduces the levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible of stress.

8. It’s super romantic!

The classic spooning has a romantic touch that helps to fuel your relationship’s flame. If you also like to sleep naked, the romantic efect grows exponentially. Everything else is secondary, cause love is the main character in our bed.

9. It makes you feel happier

Having someone to cuddle with after a long day of work reduces the stress levels and increases the chance of having a refreshing sleep. When you wake up, the problems minimize and you see life through a different lens, more chill and less moody so… what’s to lose?

Then… why are people getting separate beds now?

Although it looks like there’s only benefits for this, there’s a lot of couples that don’t manage to get used to sleep together and just stop trying. If you’ve been trying for a few months and the cons are still over the pros, maybe it’s time to look for something different. Before you try separate beds, you can try and sleep in two twin beds with different pillows and linen. For most people, the problem is not the physical contact but the fact that they need their own sheets and pillows. If you don’t rest well like this, go even further and try separate beds or even rooms, an extreme resource if the sleep quality is really rensenting from the company. Although we at Geeksme are all in for sharing beds, sleeping on your own has its bright side too, and we will be going through it soon.

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