Sleeping alone? Sleeping together?

27 January, 2016

Thing is, there’s no agreement on this. For a lot of couples, sleeping together is the most intimate moment of the day. The bedroom is the space to have a conversation, kiss, cuddle and have sex. It is, in short, the place where their complicity flourishes.

The problem comes after we say goodnight: snoring, different temperatures, blanket thieves… When we sleep, our brain keeps us away from our surrounding. However, when the external stimuli are frequent, we experience interruptions in our sleep. That means that our brain turns on for a little while. As a result, we can spend the same amount of time in bed but the sleep quality is worse, and we don’t even notice!  You can totally check it if you have a look at your g!sleep mode stats.

When we face this situation, we should evaluate it on a case-to-case basis. If someone in the couple has trouble breathing or or suffers from Restless Legs Syndrome, they should visit a doctor and try to fix that a soon as possible, not only for our own health but in order to be respectful with our partner.estro acompañante.

Besides, when one of them experiences serious sleep issues, sleeping in different beds, or even rooms, can be necessary. As difficult as this decision is, the most important thing is to overcome this problems and rest well. We have to keep in mind that a good sleep is esential for us human beings. At the end, the only thing we need to do is to find new places and moments for sex and intimacy.

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