Gardening the city

21 January, 2016

Actually, if we have a small terrace at home we can plant some seasonal vegetables for self-consumption. You don’t need to worry if you have little space, as some tricks such as vertical pots placed on the wall so they can get a few hours of sunlight.

If your building has a shared rooftop, you can always propose your neighbours to have a collective greenhouse. That way, you will have a bigger surface, will be able to plant more food and work as a team, including the kids in the block.

But, what happens when we don’t have any outdoors space available? Luckily, most cities have urban gardens where you can rent a lot for a low price, with lots as small as 1 square meter. Moreover, sometimes the rent even includes some lessons on gardening for the newbies.

Sometimes, the people using these urban gardens agree on harvesting different vegetables and then share it. That’s why it’s not only an activity that helps us protect the environment and improve our health, but a great way to make friends and have fun together. Do you want to join in? We’re sure your g!ecological mode will see your ecological footprint decrease.

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