What happens when we don’t sleep?

9 December, 2015

Up to this day, scientists don’t really know the precise reason why we need to sleep yet. However, they do know that sleeping works as some kind of restart for our body. Besides, it’s been proven that it enhances our defenses and our metabolism functioning.

We’ve all experienced that feeling of our eyelids being heavy that puts us to sleep even if we don’t want to. If we try to avoid that, we’ll feel a certain lack of energy and productivity. We will just not be able to focus at all.

As the time goes by, we will get moody and a bit paranoid. This happens because the lack of sleep causes an increase of the stress hormones, such as adrenaline or cortisol. Our heartbeat will also be uneven and our immune system will start to fail.

Actually, severa studies support the idea that those who suffer insomnia are more likely to be sick. Amongst the most frequen illnesses we can find diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and depression.

We need to bare in mind that undersleeping does not only affect our biological health, but also has social consequences. Those who suffer those symptoms have a hard time when interacting with their family and friends.

Considering all the above, those 25 years of sleep are really worth. The most important thing is to follow an adequate sleep routine that allows us to get a proper rest and be happier.  Here you can learn how many hours should you sleep according to your age.

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