After-workout beers are a thing

7 December, 2015

According to this study, beer helps to recover the hydro-mineral loss we suffer when sweating while exercising. This is due to the beer having a 95% content of water, being the other 5% aminoacids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Therefore, having a pint helps us rehydrating and minimising our recovery time.

It’s thought that every 200ml beer has about 90 kcal. However, if we have an alcohol free beer, this goes down to 35 kcal. That is, if had properly, his drink doesn’t cause obesity, but we need to be aware of the amount we have so it doesn’t have a negative impact on our health.

The author of the study, Manuel Castillo, considers that men should have 3 beers a day at the most, whilst women should have 1 or 2. Anything above that wouldn’t be healthy. This should also be taken along with a balanced biet.

The perks of exercising

Physical activity is not only a way to care about our health, but can also become a fun hobby to share with our family or friends. Maybe that after-workout beer can help us convince our friends to shake it out. Are you in?

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