How should we recycle electronics?

3 December, 2015

Just consider that one sinle TV can contaminate up to 80,000L of water. That’s why recycling is key to avoid environmental and health issues. Besides, if we correctly dispose our WEEE, some of their components can be reused and it will make the extraction process more environmental-friendly.

The Ecolec foundation estimates that the Spanish families consume 567 kilos of new electronics every year. About 369 kilos of those should be recycled, but how? As you might have noticed, there isn’t any electronic bin. However, it’s as easy as a pie.

We can take our WEEE to a clean point. However, if we are buying a new one to replace the one we already have, retailers are forced to accept the old one by law and manage its disposal.

We could also donate them to those in need or research projects. In any case, the important part is to keep those wastes away from nature. Let’s take care of the environment!

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