Are you an owl, a lark or a hummingbird?

11 November, 2015

Just like the animals, we human beings adjust lots of our bodily functions, such as our sleep or our meals, to environmental conditions. Other examples are the daylight or the temperature. According to these features, researchers have defined three different chronotypes or sleep patterns: early, medium and late. Here are the differences:

  • Early. Only about a 10% of the population is estimated to belong to this group. They are people who wake up at dawn without any kind of alarm and reach their productivity peak at midday. They are called larks.
  • Late. This group is all about the owls, or those people who reach their productivity peak at night. As a consequence, this 20% of the population usually undersleep and carry a sleep debt all day, which reduces their productivity and leads to lots of cups of coffee.
  • Medium. Fortunately, this is most people’s chronotype. For these people, who are known as hummingbirds, adapting to either day or night schedules is easier than for the rest.

No matter each person’s biological features, it is important to make an effort to adjust our cycle to our work and personal life rhythm, especially for the owls. If we don’t, we will be tired for the whole day. A nice start would be to take care of what we do before going to bed. Check this post to see why.

What do you do before going to bed?

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