How to do eco-friendly groceries

5 November, 2015

First of all, you have to pay attention to the way you go to the supermarket. Consider that, even if your purchase is heavy, a shopping cart will be enough if you live close to the shop. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re using our car.

Second, we totally must bring our ong bags. More people is being aware of this lately, but there is still a long run about it. Actually, the European Parliament is aiming to cut the single-use bags in half for 2020. There are no frontiers for this kind of waste, as they have even formed plastic islands in the middle of the ocean.

Another key aspect is to avoid doing groceries when hungry, as it can hurt both our purse and the environment. If we have a rumbling stomach in the supermarket we are likely to buy food we don’t need which will probably end up in the bin.

What should we buy when in the shop? We should follow these five guidelines:

  • Take only what we need.
  • Avoid to buy products in big packages.
  • Have local and seasonal food.
  • Try to buy natural products, as the less processed they are, the better they are for your health and the environment.
  • Pick durable food with a long best-before date so you avoid to waste them.

All these pieces of advice will help you to improve your g!ecological side. Do you wanna go shopping?

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