A time for love

3 November, 2015

However it is rare to have sex in the early morning. Although it’s been proven that we are predisposed to that, the fact is that most people would rather sleep at that time. So, when are we more into making love? Men and women disagree on this.

Men find mornings the perfect time to have sex. When the alarm goes off, testosterone is kicking and higher than normally, so the sex drive is also higher. On the other hand, women have high levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone, so their sex drive is low. The female libido reaches its highest level in the evening, before going to bed.

Considering the schedule mess, German sexologist Peter Platz states that the time when men and women are better synchronized for sex is nap time. More specifically, both sexes will be more likely to make love at 4pm.

However, the most important things for a couple is to adapt their life rhythm and leave some time for sex. After all, if you guys feel like doing it, any time is right. Should we turn the g!love mode on?

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