Walking up stairs tutorial

28 October, 2015
  • Classic

If we want to lose weight, the right thing to do is walk one step at a time, as usual. Some research conducted by the University of Roehampton, UK, concluded that walking 5 flights of stairs 5 times a week burns an average 302 calories. If we are encouraged to do it faster, or even running, we will burn far more calories.

  • Two steps at a time

We’ve all played walking up the stairs trying to stretch our legs to the limit. This workout, walking up two or more steps at a time, increases the exercise intensity and tones up our buttocks, tendons, quadriceps and calves. However, we need to be careful and not overdo or we can get hurt.

  • Skipping

We have to take a bigger step when walking up the stairs and try to touch our abs with the knees at the same time. This way, we also get to strength our belly.

  • Tiptoes

This one is about putting our legs together, just like in a sack race. Now we just jump one step at a time. The main benefit of this workout is improving our muscles elasticity.

Are you ready to go far thanks to the g!fitness mode? Remember the most important thing here is stretching your goals little by little. If you used to take the lift, consider changing your habits. If you are already walking up the stairs, try new routines, increase the number of lifts you walk or the speed, take some extra weight… It’s all about doing better!

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