What’s our ecological footprint?

12 October, 2015

Actually, it’s a massive space, but doesn’t seem to be enough for some major powers. The average US citizen’s ecological footprint, for example, is 9,4 GHA. The worst thing is this is not an isolated case. The resource consumption of all the first-world countries is way higher than it should be.

The consequence for this planet overexploitation is inequality. The poorest countries, such as Haiti or Congo, only get to use 0,5 of their 1,7 GHA share. This means that when we’re overconsuming resources we’re not only hurting nature, but we are being selfish and refusing other world citizens to have what is theirs.

Luckily, changing this is in our hands. The  g!ecological mode will help you to reduce the footprint you leave on the planet every day Go for it!

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