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Do you plank?

Tablon para conseguir un vientre plano
Working out is one of the basic elements of a healthy lifestyle. However, when we exercise we also want to make it show on our looks. Today we'll tell you how to get a flat and strong stomach.

When we decide it’s about time to say goodbye to those annoying rolls, we always go for traditional abs. However, there is a more efficient workout that focuses on all the belly areas (including lateral abs), chest, thights, hips, back and shoulders. It’s called plank, some kind of static gym that’s becoming an Internet hit.

How to plank

  1. Lie on the floor, facing down.
  2. Flex your elbows and rest on your forearms. It’s key that your elbows are just under your shoulders. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your back.
  3. Raise your body from the floor and hold it on your toes.
  4. Tighten your buttocks and stretch your abs as much as possible. You need to hold that position for 5 minutes and breath deeply.

It can seem easy, but the fact is that holding that way with only your forearms and feet it’s really hard. Beginners should do shorter repetitions and progressively hold it longer. As we always say, the most important thing is stretching your goals.

The secret to get good results is to be constant and practice it every day. This and a healthy diet will help you get a flat and strong stomach in no time.

Remember, be always on the move with g!fitness!

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