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After work walking

Actividad fisica

We know that work can leave us wrecked, but we must gather some strength to have a walk after work, as it can be so good for our body. It’s been proven than walking 30 minutes a day can significantly improve your health. Are you in?

When we consider a healthier lifestyle we tend to think that we need to make massive changes such as radically changing our diet, going to the gym hardcore mode or force ourselves into boring routines we’re tired of even before we start. Actually, something as simple as having a walk after work can have a great impact in our metabolism. Without investing a lot of time, you will see how your body will feel better, prevent cardiovascular illnesses, improve your physical condition, put depression away and even improve your sexual activity. What are you waiting for?

Lo mejor, caminar después del trabajo

Pero vayamos por partes: Caminar es un ejercicio sencillo que no requiere una forma física previa ni precisa un aprendizaje específico. Exceptuando las personas con algún tipo de problema de movilidad, todos sabemos caminar y podemos hacerlo sin demasiado esfuerzo. Entonces, si es tan fácil ¿por qué no lo hacemos? El ritmo de vida que impone el trabajo, los estudios, los niños, los deberes, la limpieza, etcétera hacen muy complicado sacar un rato para caminar. Por eso, te proponemos que aproveches después del trabajo para activar tu organismo dando una vuelta. Lo ideal, si no vives muy lejos, es que sustituyas el coche o el transporte público por un paseo. Además, así cumplimos una doble función: tú te sientes mejor y el medio ambiente te lo agradece ¡¡2×1!!. Si tienes que pasar por casa es posible que te ataque la pereza pero la ventaja es que puedes ponerte más cómodo y cambiar el chip. Ponerte una rutina como caminar después del trabajo puede convertirse en tu arma contra las excusas y formar parte de tus actividades diarias.

But let’s go through it: walking is a simple exercise that doesn’t require a previous physical condition or specific learning. Except for people with some kind of mobility problem, we all know how to walk and we can do it without too much effort. So if it’s this easy why don’t we do it? The rhythm of life imposed by work, studies, children, homework, cleaning… makes it very difficult to take a while to walk. Therefore, we suggest you take the chance after work to activate your body with a stroll. Ideally, if you do not live very far from work, you can just walk there. Moreover, we fulfill a double function: you feel better and the environment thanks you!! If you have to stop at home it’s possible that you feel too lazy to do it, but if you do it on your way there, you can just get cozy and chill. Getting used to such a routine like walking after work can be a great way to fight lazyness and make it part of your routine.

Walking is just amazing

Now that you scheduled it, let’s justify why you’re investing this time in your health. How can you change your life with half an hour walking? According to this blog, walking for 30 minutes every day is a neverending source of well being: it reduces cardiovascular risks, strengthens your heart and controls high blood pressure.

A stroll, your secret weapon against stress

Forget valerian or the spa. The best thing to fight stress is walking. It helps to prevent depression, insomnia, improves self-esteem and help you fix other psychological problems. Going for a walk can be as effective as any anti-stress therapy.

Bye, cellulite!

Walking puts a lot of muscles to work and activates your metabolism, so you’re actually burning fat and avoiding obesity. Moreover, you prevent liquid retention and cellulitis. If you want to lose some weight, we’re going to be honest with you: walking won’t do the whole thing.  However, if you combine it with a healthy diet, it can be the perfect ally to get rid of those extra kilos.

Improve your sex life

Not only walking, but any physical activity can improve your sex life. Not only exercising doesn’t take the energy away from you, but experts are sure that sportsy people have a better sex life.

Do I need to walk fast?

Walking is good on its own, there’s no need for you to walk fast to experience the benefits of walking. With the running fever, it seems like the one who doesn’t go for a run is a bum or is clueless, but the truth is that walking at a good pace is as good, or even better, as running and also keeps you away from injuries. And if you want to give glamour to your ride, you can say that you do power walking, bris walking or walking… And if someone tries to mock you, you can expose the benefits of walking from above. It’s not just us, but a study published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows that walking fast can reduce mortality by as much as 30%. In fact, runners who are speeding are more exposed to cardiovascular risks. So if you’re not into running, don’t think it’s a big deal cause there’s a lot for you to do.

Walking is for you…

  • if you like to enjoy in the countryside
  • if you want to get away
  • if you’re looking for a sport that doesn’t require a lot investment
  • if you’re recovering from some injury and want to start slow
  • if you want to lose weight
  • if you’re considering a long-term physical activity
  • if you have a pet
  • if you’re not a competitive person but you want to shake it
  • or if you want to improve your health
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