The Top 5 of sports worldwide

2 febrero, 2016

1. Swimming

It is the unquestionable leader. It’s estimated that there are 1,5k million people who swim. They have lots of reasons to do it. This sport has a number of benefits, as most of the muscles exercise in an even way.

Swimming exercises our heart and improves the blood circulation, especially through our legs. Not only that, but it also improves breathing, strengthens the muscles and corrects our posture. There is a low risk of injuries and it’s good for everyone – even elder people.

2. Football

There’s no news that football is super popular, as it’s practised by over 1k million people. Practising it requires a non-stop 90 minute effort that improves our cardiovascular system, oxygen consumpion, speed and resistance. It also strengthens the muscles and improves the bone density.

One of the biggest perks of this sport is that it is a team sport, so it also improves our social interaction. It’s an extra when we practise it on a regular basis, so it’s perfect to prevent obesity, specially for children.

3. Volleybol

There are 998 million people that practise this sport, especially women. Amongst its many benefits, it allows us to tone our body. Volleyball tons, burns calories, increases our flexibility and reduces the chances of suffering osteoporosis. Besides, it helps to keep a good posture and reduces stress.

4. Basketball

It’s estimated that 400 million people play basketball. One of its many benefits is that it simultaneously develops our speed, coordination and cardiovascular resistance. It also burns a significant amount of calories, so it really helps to lose weight.

As most team sports, it promotes persistence, as every player has a big responsibility. It’s certainly a good way to improve relationships.

5. Tennis

Over 300 million people play tennis. Several studies point that it’s one of the most effective activities to burn calories. It’s a sport that requires speed, resistence and coordination. It helps us to reduce our blood pressure and minimize the risk of suffering heart diseases. Moreover, it’s a great way to beat everyday stress.

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