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SmartP!K mattress.

Pikolin’s quality and experience and g!’s technology come together to launch the first smart mattress made in Spain.
Equipped with temperature sensor, Bluetooth Smart technology and 30-day memory.


Premium mattress SmartP!K technology that everyone can afford.

SmartP!K band.

Equipped with 3D accelerometer, heart rate monitor and contact sensor.
21-day memory and 7-day battery life.

Subtile. Elegant.

Curved, ergonomic design for the best comfort and user experience. Its high density elastomer gives it a nice, soft feeling.

3 modes.

Dream, love and coach will help you and guide you to get the best sleep during the night and be the happiest you during the day.

SmartP!K App

A fun and intuitive smartphone application.

Download and enjoy

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